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Polo Cologne by Ralph Lauren, It’s time to purchase or give one of the top overall choices for men’s fragrances: the original Ralph Lauren Polo cologne . The iconic green bottle has come to be synonymous with male charm, charisma, and class. Originally introduced back in 1978 by the groundbreaking designer Ralph Lauren, Polo perfume has been dubbed one of the most influential fragrances of all time by many professionals in the industry.Both then and now, the famous designer raises the bar for what to expect from cologne with Polo. Green cologne bottles indicate this classic concoction, but today, the designer also features the bold and sophisticated Polo Black as well as the adrenaline-pumping Polo Red. Under the famous name of Polo, Ralph Lauren cologne options have expanded to a wide collection of perfumes, but for many people, this original classic still deserves a dedicated place on their shelves.Famous for being incredibly earthy, the original, signature Ralph Lauren Polo cologne is great for those who love the outdoors and outdoor sports. The notes are meant to imitate the scents of uprooted mosses and fresh grasses associated with the historic and highly respected English sport of polo. Ralph Lauren perfume choices have traditionally been for men and are meant to be thought of along with other masculine attributes: rugged, handsome, enduring, dignified, and sophisticated (just like the sportsmen they imitate).Polo is a sharp, woody fragrance. This masculine scent is a blend of leather, pine, tobacco, cedar, patchouli, and oakmoss. You can also find deeper notes of other fragrances, such as juniper berries, pepper, vetiver, musk, caraway seed, amber, basil, jasmine, and floral notes such as rose.

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