Product Description

Eden is an ethereal, unforgettable and wonderful fragrance for women that transports you to strange and mysterious places. A heady fragrance both strange and beautiful that intoxicates and mystifies. Eden is one of the most famous Cacharel fragrances. Delicious and sensual, it has the intoxicating scent of a forbidden perfume. A luminous fragrance, Eden is a potent blend of exotic fruits and aquatic flora that evoke dreams of paradise. A dense, lush rainforest with full blooms and exotic wildlife. Abundant with life and greenery, a juicy, musky and sweet scent fills the air. Notes of orange blossom, water lily, lotus blossom, melon, pineapple, violet, mimosa, patchouli and sandalwood recreate the exoticism of a tropical forest. The packaging is decorated with mysterious and bewitching flowers and the bottle’s design has the glistening sheen of water. Find your enchanting Eden.


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